Tenute Bruni Wine Farm TerraDei Montecucco DOC

TerraDei Montecucco DOC

Montecucco TerraDei is produced from a selection of red grapes grown in the vineyards of Sticcianese in the town of Campagnatico. Sangiovese, the predominant variety, and a blend of Cabernet and Alicante, give this wine a harmonious flavour with an elegant, savoury and candid body. 

Characteristic aroma reminiscent of cherries, raspberries and blackberries. Intense ruby red colour that can tend to garnet with aging in the bottle that gives it notes of roundness to the taste. The product is aged in steel tanks and is bottled during the year following the harvest. The bottles are then stored horizontally for aging. 

In this phase the aging process takes place, during which the wine, thanks to the cork stopper, undergoes a process of micro exchange with the external environment allowing it to evolve.

Product Details

Production area: Loc. Sticcianese/Arcille/Campagnatico/Grosseto

Grapes: Sangiovese 90%, Cabernet 5% and Alicante 5%

Planting System: Spurred Cordon

Harvest period: Last week of September

Vinification: Crushing and destemming, maceration at controlled temperature with daily pumpovers in air until fermentation is complete

Ageing: Steel barrels and in bottle for 6 months

Colour: Ruby red

Nose: Vinous and fruity

Taste: Harmonious, dry and mildly tannic

Suggested pairings: A perfect accompaniment for first and second meat courses, grilled and casseroled pork and beef, excellent with wild boar.

Environmental Labelling

Environmental Labelling

Capsule C/ALU 90


Cork FOR51


Bottle GL71


Waste disposal: Check the recycling system in your municipality

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