Tenute Bruni Wine Farm
Tenute Bruni Wine Farm

Tenute Bruni Wine Farm

Production and sale of Red and White Wine

The fine Tuscan wines that bring the magic of the vineyards to your table

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Since 1956 the Bruni family has been the custodian of the land of the Bruni estates. In recent years, important goals have been achieved by pursuing specialisation and production of quality that characterise the uniqueness of our wines.

The many national and international awards give impetus to our products that have always been an expression of the terrain of Maremma, of the passion and attention that Alessio Bruni puts into the care and management of the land and the winery.

Vermentino and Montecucco: the Tuscan wines of the Maremma

Fragrant and pleasant on the palate, Vermentino and Montecucco are the spearheads of our wine production, which prides itself on knowing how to release all the flavor of the Tuscan Maremma at the highest levels.

White, floral and savory the first, red, fruity and fine the second, our wines reveal themselves to the nostrils even before the palate, anticipating an experience that smacks of ancient teachings. The same ones who, since Etruscan times, have moved the hands of the winemakers of the Maremma.

The lands of Vermentino and Montecucco

The Tenute Bruni winery is located between the lands of Morellino di Scansano and Montecucco, where the sun kisses the vineyards and the maritime winds of the Tyrrhenian Sea contribute to the production of grapes that represent a tribute to the generosity of nature.

This region, better than many others, has been able to preserve the ancient art of winemaking, combining it with modern innovations to create superior quality wines. Our Vermentino and Montecucco, in fact, are a real tribute to the dedication of our ancestors and to the richness of our land.

Tenute Bruni: discover the flavor of the Tuscan Maremma

Every drop of our wine is a unique sensorial journey, an experience that evokes the magnificence of the Maremma and its wine heritage. Discover the treasures of our cellar: Vermentino and Montecucco transform every occasion into a special moment of taste and sharing.

Wine is a journey into flavor and history. Start yours, from Tenute Bruni.

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Our well-deserved awards and recognitions for Vermentino and Montecucco

We don't say that our wines are of the highest quality, but the national and international awards and recognitions obtained over many years of activity attest to it.

Awards deserved by our white and red wines, which repay us for the efforts made in pursuing the perfection we have aspired to since we started cultivating our first vineyard.

Tenute Bruni

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