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Wow! The Italian Wine Competition 2023 awarded to Terradei, Montecucco Doc

 TerraDei, Montecucco Doc 2021 Bronze WOW! 2023 Type: 8 The ripe red fruit frames a warm and certainly Mediterranean olfactory profile.

On the palate there are corresponding retronasal sensations and also a touch of tannic roughness. Dull ruby.

It has a simple, clean and expressive olfactory profile with a part of crunchy fruit and another a little vegetal. On the palate it is agile despite the incisive tannin.

Savory and satisfying sip. Nose with beautifully defined fruit (a crunchy cherry) and then an almost spicy spicy character in some nuances. Fresh and lively on the palate. The finish is perhaps slightly bitter.
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