Four generations of passion and love...

The passion and the care for the vineyards was already born in the middle of the last century, when grandparents planted the first vines... Since then the old traditions, based on the passion for Maremma Land, have been handed down from father to son for four generations. Maremma slopes have given birth to hundreds of vintages of "sublime goodness" (historical sources of the Twelfth Century), always appreciated by connoisseurs from all over the world. From the same lands, but with different hands, through their making, TENUTE BRUNI use ancient teachings in combination with modern agricultural and wine-making technology, so turning the vine's fruit into "a nectar for Gods and for Men" with love and dedication.

“Ever since vine growers on the hills of Maremma, we have been transforming the vine's fruit into a nectar, son of the union between the love for our land, a patient care for the vine and the man’s passion containing in each bottle a fragment of his soul.”


  • Products


    Our products are the result of a selection of the best grapes grown in the vineyards of our Tenuta. Those grapes are subjected to a vinification process according to ancient teachings combined with modern agronomic and enological technologies.

  • Events


    In a big square, in an exhibition stand, during a society event, or simply around a table, an essential moment, when a wine producer meets a user to talk about their common passion, trying to describe the emotions a glass of wine exhales.

  • Wine & Poetry

    Wine & Poetry

    Wine, this beloved nectar, and the neat rows stretching into infinity across the valleys and the gentle slopes up to touch the sky, have always inspired the verses of philosophers, poets, writers and thinkers. From Homer and Aristophanes to Nietzsche and Montale.